Wycombevale Farm Vegetation Clearing, Appeal

Short Project Title: Wycombevale Farm Vegetation Clearing, Appeal
Project Title: Wycombevale Farm Vegetation Clearing, Alexandria Area, Eastern Cape Province
Project Synopsis: SRK has been appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to act as the Appellant on behalf of the Wycombevale Broers Boerdery. The appeal is based on condition 3.3.1. in the Environmental Authorisation of 9 May 2018: “The activity may only proceed once a Section 24G application has been submitted by the applicant to the Department”.
SRK Project Reference Number: 483740
Official Reference Number: DEDEAT Reference Number: EC06/C/LN3/M/72-2014
Project Location: Eastern Cape
Status of Project The original appeal documentation has been submitted to DEDEAT for their consideration. The appeal documentation is available for public inspection for a 30-day period (30 May – 29 June 2018. The appeal can be accessed either electronically on the SRK webpage or viewed in printed form at the SRK Port Elizabeth office upon prior arrangement with Wanda Marais (wmarais@srk.co.za / 041- 509 4809).
SRK Project Manager: Nicola Rump
Contact Email: nrump@srk.co.za
Contact Number: 041-509 4800



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20180511_483740_DEDEAT_EA 883 KB May 2018 Active
483740_2014 regs_Wycombevale appeal_final_20180530 550 KB May 2018 Active


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