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West African Mining Rising Steadily

JOHN KWOFIE West Africans are expressing their right to benefit from mining activities taking place in their own backyard.

Mining activity in West Africa is increasing and this trend is likely to continue. New mines have been established in Mali over the past few years, as well as in countries, such as Liberia, which are not traditionally associated with mining, says engineering consulting company SRK Consulting Ghana country manager John Kwofie.

There are mining projects at various levels of exploration and development in several West African countries. There has been activity in marble and limestone in Togo, the first large-scale gold mine is under development in Nigeria and there is considerable progress in uranium exploration in Niger, he adds.

Kwofie believes that – even in relatively well-explored countries like Ghana – there is scope for the significant expansion of certain existing operations, in addition to new discoveries.

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Author: John Kwofie | Country Manager | Principal Geotechnical Consultant

SRK Africa