Water supply pressure boosts mine water treatment demand


Mines need to reduce their water consumption and also take into consideration the increasing need for water as the population grows.

Treating mine water has become more common as the mines try to minimise their impacts.

This has allowed for different types of water treatment options to enter the market, as well as a growing understanding of the environmental and economic impact, and where the wtaer can be used to support other growth industries in the area, says consulting engineers and scientsist SRK Consulting partner and principal hydrologist Peter Shepherd.

"A few decades ago, it was unthinkable that mine water would be treated and sold to municipalities for residential and industrial use".

"As water supply to towns and cities is under pressure, [there is] increased interest in mine water"

Author: Peter Shepherd | Partner | Principal Hydrologist

Article: Mining Weekly | Water supply pressure boosts mine water treatment demand

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