Short Project Title: TRONOX MSP LNG BA
Project Title: BA process for the installation of an LNG facility at the Tronox Mineral Separation Plant near Koekenaap, Western Cape
Project Synopsis:

Tronox Mineral Sands (Pty) Ltd (“Tronox”) currently uses paraffin as the fuel source for the dryers at the Mineral Separation Plant (MSP). Tronox has determined that there will not be a secure supply of paraffin in the near future and proposes to introduce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel source for the MSP. Tronox therefore proposes to install five LNG storage tanks, an LNG Regasification Plant and an LNG pump and control station (collectively referred to as “the LNG Facility”) on a portion of vacant land within the MSP operational area and the approved Mining Right Area.

SRK Consulting (South Africa) Pty Ltd (“SRK”) has been appointed to undertake the Basic Assessment (BA) process required in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, the Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL) variation application process required in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 and the approval process required in terms of the Major Hazardous Installation (MHI) Regulations.

SRK Project Reference Number: 527961/42A
Official Reference Number: DMR Ref. No: WC30/5/1/2/2/113
Project Location: Near Koekenaap, Western Cape
Status of Project Stakeholders are invited to send relevant details (so that SRK can register you on the project database) and/or submit comments. Stakeholders should refer to the project name and/or number above, and must include their name, contact details (specifying the preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail), and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal, or other interest which they have in the application, to the contact person below. To be included in the BA process, comments must reach SRK by 19 July 2019. The MHI Risk Assessment is available for comment until 19 August 2019 in terms of the MHI Regulations.
SRK Project Manager: Scott Masson
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 021 659 3060



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App A - EAP CV        

527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_AppA - EAP CV

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App B - Database        

527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_AppB - Database

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App C - AQIA        

527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_App C - AQIA

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App D - MHI RA        

527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_App D - MHI RA

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App E - AIR        

527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_App E - AIR_Part1

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527961_MSP LNG Facility BA_App E - AIR_Part2

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