Transnet Brine Pond

Application for Regularisation of the Unlawful Waste Management Activity: Construction and Operation of a Brine Pond at the Port of Saldanha

Short Project Title: Transnet Brine Pond
Project Title: Application for Regularisation of the Unlawful Waste Management Activity: Construction and Operation of a Brine Pond at the Port of Saldanha
Project Synopsis: Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) Saldanha received Environmental Authorisation (EA) from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for the construction of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination Plant at the Iron Ore Handling Facility (IOHF - the site), Port of Saldanha on 17 November 2008. At the time of authorisation, the project did not trigger the need for a Waste Management Licence (WML) in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act 59 of 2008 (NEM:WA).
At the time of construction and the commencement of storage of brine on the site in 2012, these activities triggered waste management activities in terms of Category B of GN 718 of 3 July 2009, promulgated in terms of NEM:WA. These activities required a WML, which was not obtained, and by implication, the construction and operation of the RO Desalination Plant commenced unlawfully.
SRK Consulting (South Africa) Pty Ltd (SRK) has been appointed to undertake the application process for the regularisation of unlawful commencement of a waste management activity in terms of section 24G of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), as amended.
SRK Project Reference Number: 512499
Official Reference: DEA Ref. No.: CD:Enf/2015/Transnet Port of Saldanha/14/13/9/6/127
Project Location: Port of Saldanha
Status of the project: The draft application, containing all relevant information regarding the brine ponds and associated impacts is available for public review on SRK website on (via the ‘Library’ and ‘Public Documents’ links) before submission to the DEA.Stakeholders are invited to comment on the application and/or register on the project database. Submissions from stakeholders must include their name, contact details (specifying the preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail) and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal, or other interest which they have in the application, to the contact person below, by 9 March 2018.
SRK Project Manager: Sharon Jones
Contact person: Amy Hill
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 021 659 3060



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