Styldrift No. 2 Shaft Complex – Appeal against the refusal of the Environmental Authorisation

Short Project Title: Styldrift-no-2-shaft-complex-appeal-against-refusal-environmental-authorisation
Project Title: Styldrift No. 2 Shaft Complex – Appeal against the refusal of the Environmental Authorisation. Supporting information from the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) and Environmental Impact Assessment Process (EIA) process in respect of the appeal against the refusal of the Environmental Authorisation for the Proposed Styldrift No. 2 Shaft Complex and Associated Infrastructure.
Project Synopsis: The Project Applicant in this matter was the joint venture partners in the Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine Joint Venture (BRPM JV), being Royal Bafokeng Resources (Pty) Ltd and Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd.

SRK Consulting (SA) Pty Ltd (SRK) was appointed by BRPM JV for the proposed expansion of existing operations at Styldrift through the development of Styldrift No 2 Shaft and associated infrastructure to be the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP). In this roll SRK applied on behalf of BRPM JV to the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) North West office, for environmental authorisation. The process was started with an application submitted on 2 November 2015.

A decision from the DMR was expected on 15 September 2016. However, a refusal to approve the Environmental Authorisation was received on 10 November 2017. BRPM JV has now decided to appeal against the decision made by the DMR.
SRK Project Reference Number: 454591
Official Reference Number: DMR Reference Number NW 30/5/1/1/3/2/1/00150 EM
Project Location: Rustenburg Local Municipality, Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, North West Province of South Africa.
Status of the Project The DMR refused the EA based on 9 findings as is stipulated in letter dated 7 November 2017. (Acting Regional Manager, 2017). An appeal has been lodged with the Department of Environmental Affairs. A copy of the appeal and supporting documentation can be downloaded from the SRK website.
SRK Project Manager: Manda Hinsch
Contact Email: / acaddick
Contact Number: 012 3619821



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