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SRK Consulting Environmentalists Call For Screening Of New Exploration Project

While the domestic and international business environments have demonstrated their eagerness to explore the new oil & gas reserves discovered off the Southern Coast of South Africa, proper environmental guidelines need to be in place in order to ensure that the reserves are judiciously utilised, according to an SRK Consulting executives.

The discovery was made earlier this year, and sparked excitement amongst the South African business community, as it was touted as the solution to South Africa’s economic woes in recent times. The new reserves will reportedly provide approximately 1 billion barrels.

Nevertheless, Sue Reuther, an Environmental Consultant at SRK Consulting has urged that these reserves should be treated judiciously to avoid causing any serious harm to the environment. On the other hand, the usage of natural gas is a boon to the environment, give that it has a lower carbon output than coal energy.

The new reserves could cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 50%, if handled correctly. Scott Masson, who is also an Environmental Consultant at SRK Consulting, has recommended that the screening of environmental sustainability should be conducted amongst other preliminary regulatory permissions.

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Author: Sue Reuther | Principal Environmental Consultant / Scott Masson | Senior Environmental Scientist

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