South Africa Water Supply Not Keeping Up With Developments

There are potential mining zones – in coal, platinum and chrome, for instance – in the northern parts of provinces like Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga. In many of these, growth has in fact already taken place – but water supply is not keeping up, says consulting firm SRK Consulting partner and principal hydrologist Peter Shepherd.

“South Africa wants economic growth, but without reliable water supply, this is a pipe dream. Wherever there is a business and people, we need water to sustain them.”

The country has reached the point where the availability of water in new development zones can no longer be guaranteed, warns Shepherd. Much of South Africa’s future economic development will take place in areas where water has traditionally not been plentifully supplied.

“Expanding our agricultural sector will mean facing the same constraints. Our burgeoning cities and towns demand an increasing share of the limited national water resources, increasingly competing with industry. “Already, there are many municipalities unable to foster local economic development, owing to their lack of ability to provide a reliable supply of water.”

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Author: Peter Shepherd | Partner | Principal Hydrologist

SRK Africa