Public Participation for Chevron Cape Town Refinery AEL Renewal and Variation Application

Short Project Title: Public Participation for Chevron Cape Town Refinery AEL Renewal and Variation Application
Project Title: Public Participation Process for an Application for Renewal and Variation of the Existing Atmospheric Emission Licence for the Cape Town Refinery, operated by Chevron (AEL WCCT 006)
Project Synopsis:

1.    The Cape Town Refinery in Milnerton, operated by Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Chevron), operates under an Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL) (Ref. No.: WCCT006) granted in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 (NEM:AQA), for the following listed activities:

Category 2, Petroleum Industry, the production of gaseous and liquid fuels as well as petrochemicals from crude oil, coal, gas or biomass:
-    Subcategory 2.1: Combustion Installations;
-    Subcategory 2.2: Catalytic Cracking Units;
-    Subcategory 2.3: Sulphur Recovery Units;
-    Subcategory 2.4: Storage and Handling of Petroleum Products.

2.    Chevron is applying (in terms of section 47 of the NEM:AQ) to renew this AEL, as the AEL expires on 31 March 2019.

3.    Chevron is applying (in terms of section 46 of the NEM:AQA) to vary this AEL, in order to reflect changes required to assure compliance with sulphur dioxide (SO2) emission limits which come into effect on 1 April 2020.  These changes include the construction of additional utilities/auxiliary equipment and modifications to the existing Sulphur Recovery Units (SRUs) to allow process gas currently combusted in Process Furnaces to be routed to the SRUs.

SRK Project Reference Number: 523521
Project Location: Milnerton, Cape Town
Status of the project: SRK Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (SRK) has been appointed as the independent environmental assessment practitioner, to facilitate the public participation process.   

If you would like to register as an Interested & Affected Party (I&AP) or submit comment on the application, please contact: Amy Hill of SRK at Tel: 021 659 3060  or  Fax: 086 530 7003  or e-mail:

Comments must be submitted before 15 October 2018.
SRK Project Manager: Scott Masson
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 021 659 3060



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AEL WCCT006 dated 19 Dec 2016 4,649 KB Sept 2018 Active
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