PTA Skoenmakers River Rehabilitation

Short Project Title: Skoenmakers River Rehabilitation: FBAR: Final BAR Rehabilitation
Project Title: Final Basic Assessment Report (FBAR): the remediation and rehabilitation of the river channel along the Skoenmakers River, Eastern Cape River
Project Synopsis: The Skoenmakers River (located in the semi-arid Karoo region of the Eastern Cape) is being used as a transfer route for water transferred by the Orange-Fish-Sundays River Interbasin Transfer Scheme. The river receives water from the Gariep dam via a gravity tunnel and discharges into the Darlington dam.
Development of the Orange-Fish-Sundays River Interbasin Transfer Scheme in the 1970s to early 1980s made access for farmers to their lands hazardous. To overcome inaccessibility to Middlewater and farmlands, 10 River crossings were constructed. The continual change in the hydrological regime of this once ephemeral stream to a much bigger perennial river led to dramatic changes to both the physical structure and riparian vegetation structure of the river system. This has resulted in:
  • Erosion of the river embankment.
  • Excessive siltation causing unnatural islands to form within the river bed.
  • Blockage of water extraction Weirs and pump stations.
  • Excessive invasive vegetation causing blockage of the water course.
  • Damage to infrastructure such as road crossings, water extraction weirs and equipment to regulate flood water
This continual change has led to the deterioration of the 10 river crossings. This project entails restoring and/or upgrading the crossings.

The portions of the river to be assessed are located to the east of the R400 and to the west of the R335 and will hereafter be referred to as the study area. The study area is located within the Great Karoo and the Drought Corridor Ecoregions and within the Fish to Tsitsikama Water Management Area (WMA);
SRK Project Reference Number: 472748
Official Reference Number: PENDING
Project Location: The proposed project is situated within Eastern Cape Province. Skoenmakers River Rehabilitation is located in the semi-arid Karoo region of the Eastern Cape in the Cacadu District Municipality and within the Blue Crane Route Municipality.
Status of Project: Final Basic Assessment Reports
SRK Project Manager: Ms Manda Hinsch
Contact Email: /
Contact Number: 012 361 9821


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Appendix A - Maps        
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Appendix B_Site Photographs        
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Appendix C - Technical drawings        
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Appendix D - Specialist Reports        
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Appendix E - Public Participation        
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   Appendix E3_Comments And Response Report        
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   Appendix E4_Autority Proof of Notification        
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   Appendix E5_I&AP Register        
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Appendix F - Impact Assessment        
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Appendix G - EMP        
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Appendix H - Details of EAP and Declaration        
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Appendix I - Specialist Declaration        
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Appendix J - Skoenmakers River Erosion Protection Report        
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Appendix K - SG Codes        
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