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Prospect Of Reinvestment Brings Hope To Sector

VIS REDDY South Africa has a good record in terms of managing tailings dams, even with the risks involved

A reinvestment in projects at government level will help lift the consulting engineering sector in South Africa, says consulting engineers and scientists SRK Consulting South Africa MD Vis Reddy.

“Although there has been the promise of funding and infrastructure-related projects, the actual promises have not yet materialised. However, there is hopeful anticipation that the planned projects and contracts will now come to fruition following the new Cabinet announced last month.”

Further, he says there are hopes that President Cyril Ramaphosa will continue to secure the $100-billion investment that has been on the table for a while, which will also uplift the outlook for larger projects in South Africa.

There is a gap in not only larger projects in the consulting engineering sector within South Africa’s borders but also a shortage of qualified, experienced consulting engineers, stresses Reddy.

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Author: Vis Reddy | Managing Director | Principal Scientist (Geochemistry)

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