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Plan ahead

Published: 01 July 2017 | African Decisions

Consulting engineering and scientists firm SRK Consulting is achieving winning results in sustainable infrastructure projects across Africa, carrying out environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) across industries ranging from energy and mining to water resources and transport.

The firm has developed an environmental and social management framework for the Southern African Power Pool, to help screen projects in line with funders' requirements. It is aimed at accelerating priority projects, and securing electri­ city supply. In South Africa, SRK has worked with the Amajuba municipality in KwaZulu-Natal to improve rural water security. It employed gravity-fed networks, solar­ powered groundwater supply and infrastructure rehabilitation. The number of beneficiaries is expected to more than double to 19 533 rural dwellers in 2017.

Meanwhile, in Malawi, SRK collaborated on an ESIA and resettlement action plan to upgrade a 66.5 km portion of the M1, which traverses the country. And in Cameroon, the firm  has been  appointed to prepare a resettlement action plan, an influx manage­ ment plan and a stakeholder engagement plan at a hydro­ power  project.


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