Orange Deep Seismic EIA

Short Project Title: Orange Deep Seismic EIA
Project Title: Offshore Seismic Survey in the Orange Basin Deep Block, West Coast, South Africa
Project Synopsis: Impact Africa Limited (“Impact Africa”) intends to conduct seismic surveys in the Orange Basin Deep Block, located offshore of the West Coast of South Africa, roughly between Saldanha in the north and Cape Town in the south, and between 250 - 450 km offshore. The block measures 15 474 km2.
SRK Project Reference Number: 515843
Official Reference Number: 12/3/335 ER
Project Location: Orange Basin Deep Block
Status of the project: The EIA Report is available for public review and comment at the following locations from 12 December 2017:

•    Cape Town Public Library;
•    Saldanha Bay Public Library;
•    SRK’s offices in Rondebosch, Cape Town; and
•    SRK’s website - (via the ‘Library’ and ‘Public Documents’ links).

Stakeholders are invited to submit written comments and/or register on the project database. Submissions from stakeholders must include their name, contact details (specifying the preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail), and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal, or other interest which they have in the application. Submissions must be forwarded to the contact person below, by 2 February 2018. Only registered stakeholders will be kept informed of the process and notified of any future opportunities to participate. Note that, in the event of an appeal, SRK may be required to provide stakeholder contact details to the appellant.

Two Public Open Days (i.e. one open day at two venues) will be held to present and discuss the findings of the EIA. Please contact the contact person below for details of the Public Open Days.
Project Manager: Scott Masson
Contact Person: Scott Masson
Contact Number:  021 659 3060



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