Non-mining environmental permits now need auditing

Time is running out for holders of environmental authorisations, as changes to the law now mean that independent audits are required in all sectors of the economy – and by 7 December this year.

Environmental authorisations are required by businesses in a range of sectors – wherever a business activity triggers a listed activity in the Environmental Conservation Act (ECA) or National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). Common sectors for such activity range from agriculture, forestry and paper to petrochemical, explosives and waste management.

“While many businesses hold environment permits, it was only the mining-related authorisations that legally required a regular independent audit by a qualified professional,” said Ashleigh Maritz, senior environmental scientist at SRK Consulting. “In terms of the new NEMA regulation 54A, this audit requirement has now been extended to all holders of such permits.”

Author: Ashleigh Maritz | Senior Environmental Scientist

SRK Africa