Mining expertise to manage water, optimise impact

Flood risks are considerable to many mines in Mozambique, given the country’s climatic and topographical conditions, according to Peter Shepherd, partner and principal hydrologist at SRK Consulting. A number of mining operations are being developed on the stretch between Xai- Xai and Beira on Mozambique’s eastern coastal region. One of the key issues that faces most of them, according to Shepherd, is that much of this area is on the flood plains of major rivers like the Limpopo and the Zambezi. Recent flooding has shown how disruptive the variability of river levels in this country can be.

“The flat topography along much of the eastern parts of Mozambique means that flooding affects a wide area when it occurs,” said Shepherd. “The linear infrastructure – including roads, railways and power lines – has to cross these rivers and low-lying areas, and so is also regularly affected by flooding.”

Authors: Peter Shepherd (Partner and Principal Scientist - Hydro)

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