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Hydropedological studies for water use licences

GROWING awareness of the importance of wetlands is leading the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation (DHSWS) to request specialist hydropedological studies from companies applying for water use licences under certain conditions.

Hydropedology – the study of the interaction between soils and water – provides insights into interflow processes in the sub-surface area between surface water and groundwater. According to Christie Terrell, Senior Scientist, Water Resources at SRK Consulting, the field helps to understand the flow drivers contributing to wetlands and water courses that may be impacted by the activities of the water licence holder.

“By understanding the flow drivers, developers can make better decisions about which mitigation measures need to be in place for a project, highlighting which areas need to be protected to preserve the main feeder flows, and which areas can be developed,”
Terrell said.

Authors: Christie Terrell | Senior Scientist - Roanne Sutcliffe | Bioresource Engineer    

SRK Africa