Holistic solutions crucial for mining sustainability – consultancy

ENAURING BEST PRACTICE The integration of the various mining-related disciplines such as mine planning and geotechnical, to environmental and social – is key to ensuring best practice on any project

Holistic solutions that consider closure, social environmental and technical best practices will be important for the sustainability and longevity of the African mining industry, say independent
consulting engineers and scientist SRK Consulting.

SRK senior social scientist Jessica Edwards says many mines in Africa continue to neglect the importance of meaningful engaging with communities, adding that, while
there is often a one-way flow of information from the mine, there is not enough collaboration.

“Social transition – assessing and addressing the social impacts of mine closure – is also not sufficiently recognised as a priority area that has its own best-practice standards,”
says Edwards.

Authors: Jessica Edwards (Senior Social Scientist) | Lisl Fair (Principal Consultant and Social Scientist) | Andrew van Zyl | Director | Principal Consultant & Marcin Wertz | Partner | Principal Mining Engineer

SRK Africa