Foskor MES Postponement

Short Project Title: Foskor MES Postponement
Project Title: Foskor MES Postponement
Project Synopsis: Foskor (Pty) Ltd – Richards Bay Division, operates under an Atmospheric Emissions Licence in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 (NEM:AQA). This requires the plant to meet the Minimum Emission Standards (MES) identified in terms of Section 21 of the NEM:AQA , which new plants have to comply with from 1 April 2020.

All Foskor processes comply with the 2015 MES for existing plants. Many of the processes at the facility will also comply with the MES for new plants by 1 April 2020, however there are some processes that will not be able to comply by 2020. As such, Foskor is applying for postponement of the 2020 (new plant) compliance timeframes.
SRK Consulting South Africa (Pty) Ltd (SRK) has been appointed to undertake the public participation process relating to this application.
SRK Project Reference Number: 483038
Project Location: The Richard Bay Division of Foskor is located at 21 John Ross Parkway, Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal. Access to the facility is via the John Ross Parkway
Status of Project: Public Documents available for review and registration
DUE DATE FOR COMMENTS: Monday 10 December 2018
SRK Project Manager: Philippa Burmeister
Contact Email: ,
Contact Number:  (031) 279-1200
Additional Note: Draft Motivation for the Postponement of Compliance Timeframes in terms of Regulation 11 of the Section 21 NEM:AQA Minimum Emissions is available for comment and includes:
o    Appendix A – Atmospheric Impact Report (AIR)
o    Appendix B – Public Participation Report

The report and appendices can be downloaded from the links below.

You are welcome to comment on the report by:
o    Completing the Registration and Comment Form online at
o    Writing a letter or additional written submission by mail, email or fax; and/or
o    Calling the Stakeholder Engagement Office at SRK.

Hard copies of the report are available for viewing at the Richards Bay Library.



To open the relevant document, please click on the PDF Icon, as provided:
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I&AP Notification Letter 116 KB Nov 2018 Active

 483038_20180628_Foskor Postponement App_BID

899 KB June-2018 Active
483038_20181031_Foskor MES_Motivation Report_Final Draft 1,877 KB Nov 2018 Active


 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
Appendix A AIR        

Foskor_AIR_18SRK01_Part 1

5,710 KB Nov 2018 Active

Foskor_AIR_18SRK01_Part 2

4,491 KB Nov 2018 Active
Appendix B PP report        

483038_20181101 PP Report CRR_BURP

5,061 KB Nov 2018 Active


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