Fine Chrome Recovery (FCR) Plant

Short Project Title: Fine Chrome Recovery (FCR) Plant
Project Title: Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process for  Anglo American Platinum – Rustenburg Platinum Mines (RPM), Amandelbult Complex:  Fine Chrome Recovery (FCR) Plant Project, Limpopo
Project Synopsis: The Fine Chrome Recovery (FCR) initiative forms part of the “Making Amandelbult Investable Again” programme and the Amandelbult journey towards “P101”. The Amandelbult Concentrator Complex has an existing approved and operational chrome recovery plant. However, this existing chrome recovery plant is not designed to recover fine chrome (-100 µm fraction). An initiative was therefore identified in which an increased recovery of chrome can be realised at Amandelbult through the beneficiation of fine chrome from the Concentrator tailings. It is envisaged that the additional recovery of metallurgical and/or chemical grade chrome will result in an increased yield of chrome for Amandelbult, as well as reduced water losses associated with the existing approved tailings dams.
The proposed FCR Plant project will add limited infrastructure to the extensive Amandelbult Complex and will further utilise the existing facilities as far as possible.
SRK Project Reference Number: 540448
Project Location: Anglo American Platinum, Rustenburg Platinum Mine’s (RPM) Amandelbult Complex (Amandelbult) is situated within the Thabazimbi Local Municipality and Waterberg District Municipality in the Limpopo Province. The project footprint is limited to the following farm portion:
•    Amandelbult 383 KQ Portion 0
Status of the project:

Before RPM may commence with the development of the additional mining related activities, the following environmental authorisations processes and license amendment need to be undertaken in accordance with the relevant national legislation:

  • A Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for any project related Listed Activities stipulated in the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA).  The Scoping, EIA and amended EMPr will be submitted to Limpopo Province’s DMR for approval; and
  • An updated Integrated Water Use License (IWUL) for any project related water uses and accompanying Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP) under the National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) (NWA), for submission and approval from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

The following documentation is available for further details:

  • Project Announcement:
    • Background information document (English and Setswana available); and
    • Interested and affected parties (I&AP) registration and comment forms (English and Setswana available).
  • The Draft Scoping Report (DSR):
  • The Draft Scoping Report (DSR) for stakeholder review is available for comment from 18 January 2019 – 18 February 2019.
SRK Project Manager: Beth Candy
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 011 441 1111


Project Announcement

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Appendix 1 - EAP Qualifications


Aphiwe Qualifications

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Beth Candy and Suzanne van Rooy

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Qualifications - E Retief

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Appendix 2 - CV of EAP


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Appendix 3 - Locality Map



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Appendix 4 - Infrastructure maps



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20181206 Fine Chrome Recovery LDF Meeting

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Appendix 5 - Stakeholder engagement


Appendix 5.1 Pre-annoucement meetings




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Appendix 5.2 Background information letter



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Appendix 5.3 Advertisement and site notices



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Appendix 5.7- Authority Communication


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Appendix 5.8- DMR AoR of Application


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Appendix 6 - ToR for Specialist Studies


Terms of Reference

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