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Exploration Trends Likely To Improve Significantly In West Africa

While mining progress in West Africa will vary from country to country, with one or two discrete discoveries, developments often set significant change into motion, says engineering consulting company SRK Consulting South Africa partner and principal consultant Andrew van Zyl.

Recent studies have shown that countries in West Africa, such as Ghana and Burkina Faso, remain important destinations for mineral exploration, particularly gold.

He further states that the mining outlook for countries in West Africa can change abruptly, as their development paths are unpredictable with step changes more typical than changes in trends.

“Unlike South Africa, where mineral production trends can be tracked yearly, there can be a quantum leap resulting from just one mineral find in newer mining countries. “One project will most likely drive the development of a mining code and legislation, which, in turn, helps to pave the way for more exploration.”

Acknowledged: Mining Weekly and | 12/04/2019

Author: Andrew van Zyl | Partner | Principal Consultant


SRK Africa