Climate change could lead to tighter water quality regulations-SRK

Climate change is likely to contribute to the deterioration of water quality in South Africa’s rivers and dams, which, says SRK Consulting partner and principal water and environmental scientist Manda Hinsch, may result in water authorities “raising the bar” for water discharged by industry and mines.

While both government and industry have aired concerns about climate change and its impact on water quantities, there has been “insufficient” attention paid to its effects on water quality.

Variable rainfall patterns caused by climate change have become evident in more frequent high-intensity downpours in parts of the country, Hinsch noted in a statement released on Wednesday.

“This means high-velocity runoff, accompanied by both increased leaching of soil nutrients . . . fertiliser and wash off of urban pollutants – which end up in our water impoundments.”

Author: Manda Hinsch | Partner | Principal Water & Environmental Scientist

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