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Challenges Persist, But Mining Sector Has Made Huge Strides Since 1994

The local mining landscape has changed significantly in the quarter century following Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as the first democratically elected President of South Africa.

While the industry has waned in terms of global production and research, it has made significant strides with regard to safety, diversity and transformation – mirroring the intent of the Constitution, which prioritises the principles of human dignity, equality and freedom.

This shift is evident in the transformation and rebranding of the Chamber of Mines – now Minerals Council South Africa – which has, throughout its 128-year history, represented a significant majority of the mining companies operating in the country.

Minerals Council CEO Roger Baxter says that the rebranding seeks to capitalise on the positive perceptions associated with the then Chamber of Mines, while learning from, and addressing, the issues that contributed to any negative perceptions.

He notes that the Minerals Council’s – and the industry’s – priorities of good corporate citizenship, social and environmental responsibility, competitiveness, growth, transformation and effective stakeholder engagement are part of a broader drive to realise the country’s potential.

Acknowledged: Creamer Media | Polity

Author:  Andrew Van Zyl | Partner | Principal Engineer

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