Cannon Rocks Reverse Osmosis Plant Upgrade, Eastern Cape

Short Project Title: Cannon Rocks Reverse Osmosis Plant Upgrade, Eastern Cape
Project Title: Proposed Upgrade of Reverse Osmosis Plant at Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape
Project Synopsis: Water from the municipal borehole network, that supplies water to the towns of Cannon Rocks, Boknes, and Alexandria, has high salinity and therefore needs to be desalinated through a reverse osmosis process to be suitable for human consumption. The proposed project involves the upgrade of the existing 0.75 ML/day Cannon Rocks Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant to a capacity of 1.75 ML/day.
SRK Project Reference Number: 541610
Official Reference Number: EC05/C/LN1/M/06-2019
Project Location: Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape
Status of the project: The DBAR is currently open for public inspection and review. The public are encouraged to review the DBAR and send written comment by 17h00 on 28 May 2019 to:
Wanda Marais
SRK Consulting
PO Box 21842, Port Elizabeth, 6000
Fax: (041) 509 4850
Project Manager: Rob Gardiner
Contact Number: +27 (0)41 509 4800



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DBAR Executive Summary


541610_DBAR_Executive Summary_201910415.pdf

April-2019 Active 854 KB

Draft Basic Assessment Report


541610_Cannon Rocks RO Plant_DBAR_20190416_final.pdf

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Appendix A


Locality Map



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Protected Areas Map


541610_002_Protected Areas_15022019.png

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April-2019 Active 5.71 MB

Hydrology Map



April-2019 Active 5.89 MB

Vegetation Map



April-2019 Active 4.84 MB

Appendix B – Photographs


Appendix B_Photos.pdf

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Appendix C – Facility Illustration


20181212 Existing CRRO plant - Flow Diagram V1.png

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Appendix E        

Appendix E1 – PPP summary


Appendix E1- ppp summary.pdf

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Appendix E2 – Onsite Poster, Newspaper Notice & BID


Appendix E1 - poster, advert & BID.pdf

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Appendix E2_20181210_538564_Onsite poster.png

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April-2019 Active 180 KB


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Appendix E3 – IAP Register


Appendix E3_IAP Register.pdf

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Appendix E4 –  BID delivery receipts


Only available to Competent Authority due to protection of personal information


Appendix E5 – IAP comments on BID


Appendix E5_BID comments.pdf

April-2019 Active 891 KB

Appendix E6 – Meetings


Appendix E6_RPA_Draft RoM.pdf

April-2019 Active 161 KB

Appendix E7 – Comments & Responses Table


Appendix E7_DBAR_Comments & Response Table_final.docx

April-2019 Active 36.9 KB

Appendix F – EMPr


541610_Draft EMPr_20190417_final.pdf

April-2019 Active 991 KB

Appendix G




SRK ZA_PE_GardinerR_2018.pdf

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April-2019 Active 168 KB

Appendix I


DEDEAT Application Form


20190207_541610_Application form_scanned.pdf

April-2019 Active 9.01 MB


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