Battery technology advances could create savings, environmental benefits

Further advances in battery technology are expected as new options come to market and new economies of scale are achived, says indepedent consulting engineers and scientists SRK Consulting.

These advances are likely to create the potential to reduce costs and environmental impact while providing a disruptive force as price volatility persists.

SRK partner and principal consultant Andrew van Zyl says new energy-storage solutions, including batteries - potentially fed by renewable power-based microgrids - hold much promise for African mining operations.

"They could not only reduce costs but also avoid the need to transport and burn fossil fuels.The benefits to the mine could extend beyond the surface and process plant infrastructure\, transitioning into the mining fleet, which could become battery-powered."

Authors: Andrew van Zyl | Director and Principal Consultant & Marcin Wertz | Partner and Principal Mining Engineer

SRK Africa