BAIC SA Auto Plant

Short Project Title: BAIC SA Auto Plant, Coega SEZ
Project Title: Basic Assessment for the proposed BAIC SA Auto Plant, Coega, Eastern Cape
Project Synopsis: The applicant, BAIC Automobile SA (Pty) Ltd, proposes to
develop an automobile manufacturing plant on a 78 Ha site in Zone 1 of the Coega Special Economic Zone (CSEZ).

SRK Consulting has been appointed by the proponent, as the independent consultants, to conduct the Basic Assessment (BA) in terms of NEMA, as amended, and the EIA Regulations.
SRK Project Reference Number: 542855
DEDEAT Reference Number: ECm1/C/LN1/M/33-2019
Project Location: Coega SEZ, Northern Cape
Status of the project:

The Draft Basic Assessment Report is currently open for public inspection and comment until 12 August 2019. It can  be accessed as an electronic copy on SRK Consulting’s webpage via the ‘Public Documents’ link: 

SRK Project Manager: Nicola Rump
Contact Email:
Contact Number: 041-5094800



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 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
Cover Pages        
542855_DBAR_Cover Pages_20190417 291 KB July 2019 Active
Executive Summary        
542855_DBAR_Executive summary_final_20190417 778 KB July 2019 Active
Draft Basic Assessment Report        
542855_BAIC_DBAR Report_20190521_final 1,135 KB July 2019 Active


 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
Appendix A – Locality Map        


1,137 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix B_Photographs        

542855_BAIC Photographs_Appendix B_20190709

972 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix C_Facility Illustrations        

Civil layout SDP Resubmission - Revision 3a

506 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix D – Specialist Report        

Appendix D1: Groundwater Investigation


543080 BAIC Development Groundwater Investigation_Jan 2019

1,152 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix D2: Quantitative Risk Assessment


Part 1:


19RSRK01 QRA BAIC SA (Coega) Rev 1_reduced_Part1

7,137 KB July 2019 Active

Part 2:


19RSRK01 QRA BAIC SA (Coega) Rev 1_reduced_Part2

6,913 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix E – Public Participation        

Appendix E1: Public Participation Summary


Appendix E1_ppp summary

138 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix E2: BID, Newspaper Notice & E-Notice


Background Information Document


Appendix E2_BID

394 KB July 2019 Active

Newspaper Notice


Appendix E2_Herald tearsheet

1,406 KB July 2019 Active



Appendix E2_E-notice

283 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix E3 – Comments & Responses Table


Appendix E3 - comments & responses table

178 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix E4 – IAP Register


Appendix E4_IAP Register

110 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix E5 – Proof of IAP notification (only available to DEDEAT)


Document only available to DEDEAT

0 KB July 2019 Active

Appendix E6 – Original IAP Correspondence on BID


Appendix E6_BID comments

2,422 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix F – EMPr        
542855_BAIC_EMPr_20190417_final 941 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix G – Other Information        
Description to go with Process Flow 187 KB July 2019 Active
Emergency Water Receiving Capacity of Sewage Treatment Station 670 KB July 2019 Active
Technical Process Diagram of BAIC SA Auto Plant’s Sewage Treatment Station -0707(2) 487 KB July 2019 Active
Effluent treatment plant layout 318 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix H – Details of EAP        
SRK ZA_PE_RumpN_April2019 356 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix I – Impact Assessment        
Impact rating table 18 KB July 2019 Active
Appendix J – DEDEAT Application Form        
542855_BAIC SA Paintshop_EIA Application Form -110118 Classification_final_combined_20190710 573 KB July 2019 Active
EAP declarion form_additional_scanned 174 KB July 2019 Active


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