Anchor Yeast Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Short Project Title: Construction audits for the Anchor Yeast Anaerobic Digestion Plant
Project Synopsis: Rymco (Pty) ltd trading as Anchor Yeast are constructing an anaerobic digestion plant adjacent to their existing facility within the Umbogintwini Industrial Complex.  During construction monthly audits of the construction activities are undertaken in compliance with the Environmental Authorisation and the approved Environmental Management Programme.  SRK Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (SRK) has been appointed to act as the Environmental Control Officer who undertakes these audits.
SRK Project Reference Number: 548782
Project Location: Umbogintwini
Status of Project: Construction is currently underway
SRK Project Manager: Wouter Jordaan
SRK Project Contact: Romi Bellusci
Contact Email:
Contact Number: +27 (0) 31 279 1213



 Reports  File Size  Date  Status Document
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 01_Final_20190812 2,476 KB Aug 2019 Active
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 02_Final_20190910 925 KB Sept 2019 Active
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 03_Final_20191017 2,926 KB Oct 2019 Active
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 04_Final_20191108 1,053 KB Nov 2019 Active
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 05_Final_20191206 2,311 KB Dec 2019 Active
548782_Anchor_ECO_Audit 06_Final_2020203 3,149 KB Feb 2020 Active


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