Gert Nel

Partner / Principal Geohydrologist
SRK East London
38 Bonza Bay Road Beacon Bay 5241 East London, South Africa PO Box 15739 5205 East London
+27 43 748 6292
+27 43 748 1811


  • Geohydrology and water supply (groundwater)
  • Groundwater management.


Gert Nel has been involved in geohydrological investigations for 17 years and in general management for 10 years. His expertise includes:

  • Rural water supply including project management and geohydrological expertise in over 300 water supply projects;
  • Lineament mapping (from Landsat & Aerial Photos), geophysical exploration and drilling & testing supervision;
  • Geohydrological investigations for waste disposal as part of fulfilling the environmental requirements;
  • Implementation of the groundwater sanitation protocol on regional and local level to minimise the risk of groundwater contamination;
  • Establishment of groundwater monitoring systems for monitoring groundwater contamination by Industries and waste disposal;
  • Environmental investigations and monitoring of hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater, including Underground Storage Tank removals and clean-up of major hydrocarbon spills;
  • Development of a cemetery implementation and management strategy for local municipalities.
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