Andrew Wood

Partner / Principal Consultant
SRK Johannesburg
265 Oxford Road 2196 Illovo, South Africa PO Box 55291 2116 Northlands
+27 11 441 1111
+27 11 880 8086


  • Water management and protection.
  • Environmental due-diligence.
  • Risk and liabilities assessment.
  • Advising on contaminated land and water resources protection and utilisation.
  • Water use and water quality management, with specific reference to industrial water and mine contaminated land.
  • Water and waste management strategies and systems.


Activities include: Specialist advice to Due Diligence (DD’s), Environmental Compliance Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Development Planning (DP’s) investigations where natural resources may be affected by developments and infrastructure management scenarios, for a wide variety of industrial, mining and governmental clients.

Specialist advice where contaminated land, industrial activities, waste, process waters and effluent management may affect human health, surface and groundwater resources, and the ecological environment and land resources.

Advise into Environmental Impact and Liability Assessments (LAs) where contaminated land, industrial activities, water, waste and effluent management strategies and systems may need to be established as a component of the environmental management and compliance of proposed projects.

Management development and engineering process design for waste treatment systems for pollution control, environmental protection and ecological enhancement.

Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment where mining and industrial activities have, or may, create emissions, discharges or contaminated land which is, or may in the future, impact upon surface and groundwater resources, occupational health and safety and present and future land-use opportunities, and identification of appropriate management and mitigation options.

Training of mining, industry and provincial and local government authority water management, environmental protection and health personnel in technical and scientific aspects of waste management, water pollution control, environmental protection, pollution assessment and monitoring.

Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) RSA. Division of Water Technology

Chief Research Officer: Responsible for: Wastewater treatment and resource recovery research Artificial Wetlands for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment; High rate algal pond system for wastewater treatment and protein and fine chemical production; Utilisation of wastewaters for aquaculture - feasibility and health impacts; Dissolved air flotation for consolidation of activated sludge, anaerobic sludges, algal laden waters, and paper effluents.; Activated sludge for P and N removal; Anaerobic digestion of domestic and paper industry wastewater.

SRK Africa