Didi Masoabi

Principal Water Resource Scientist
SRK Johannesburg
265 Oxford Road 2196 Illovo, South Africa PO Box 55291 2116 Northlands
+27 11 441 1111
+27 11 880 8086


Didi Masoabi have great experience and knowledge in the fields of water quality management; waste management; catchment management; integrated regulatory processes (including Water Use Licence Applications, their audits, review and writing draft licences); review of EIA for inclusion in water use licence applications; water resources management; water research projects; guidelines development and general policy implementation; project management and statistical analyses.

She has undertaken projects in mining development, linear infrastructure developments, eg: power supply, road constructions and water supply pipeline developments.


Didi has been involved in the field of water management for the past 12 years. Her expertise includes:

  • Water quality management;
  • Waste management;
  • Catchment management;
  • Water use license applications (audits and reviews);
  • Water research projects;
  • Guidelines development;
  • Policy implementation.


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