Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA

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Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA

Project Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant and Associated Infrastructure, Northern Cape
Project Synopsis: Sedex Minerals proposes to develop the Zandkopsdrift Rare Earth Element mine on the remainder of Farm Zandkopsdrift 537, and portion 2 of Zandkopsdrift 537 in the Northern Cape Province. The development of the mine is subject to a separate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Due to the shortage of water resources in the area, Sedex Desalination, a subsidiary of Sedex Minerals, was established to develop a 4 million m3/annum seawater desalination plant to provide water for the mine.

The desalination plant will be located at Volwaterbaai on Farm Strandfontein 559, on the west coast of the Northern Cape Province. From there, water will be pumped via pipeline to the mine with a reservoir at Kotzesrus.
The pipeline as well as overhead power lines and an access road servicing the plant will follow a combination of 4 x 4 tracks and dirt roads between the desalination plant and the Zandkopsdrift Mine. Two alternative routes have been identified to bypass Kotzesrus.

SRK Consulting (South Africa) Pty Ltd (SRK) has been appointed by Sedex Desalination to undertake Scoping and Environmental Impact Reporting (S&EIR, also referred to as EIA) process required in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, as amended (NEMA).
SRK Project Reference Number:


Official Reference Number: NCDENC Reference Numbers:             NC/EIA/07/NAM/KAM/KOT1/2013
Project Location: Farm Strandfontein 559, on the west coast of the Northern Cape Province
Status of the project:

The Environmental Impact Assessment Report is available for public review and comment for a 40 day comment period from 24 October 2014  until 4 December 2014. Copies of the complete report are available for public review at the following locations:

• Kotzesrus Cash Store;
• Lepelsfontein Municipal Service Point
• Garies Public Library;
• Security office at Zandkopsdrift Mine; and
• SRK’s Cape Town office

Project Manager:

Sharon Jones

Email: sjones@srk.co.za
Public Participation Facilitator:

Larissa Heyns

Email: lheyns@srk.co.za
Contact Number:

 021 659 3060


Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
1_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Chapters 1-2 6,056 KB Oct 2014 Active
2_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Chapters 3-4 6,425 KB Oct 2014 Active
3_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Chapters 5-8 4,325 KB Oct 2014 Active
5_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 1A 5,925 KB Oct 2014 Active
8_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 3A-3C 2,500 KB Oct 2014 Active
9_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4A_1 6,802 KB Oct 2014 Active
10_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4A_2 1,531 KB Oct 2014 Active
11_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4A_3 7,861 KB Oct 2014 Active
12_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4B 3,660 KB Oct 2014 Active
13_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4C_1 2,905 KB Oct 2014 Active
14_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4C_2 6,805 KB Oct 2014 Active
15_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4D 3,749 KB Oct 2014 Active
16_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 4E 1,670 KB Oct 2014 Active
17_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5A-5B_1 5,387 KB Oct 2014 Active
18_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5B_2 5,841 KB Oct 2014 Active
19_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5B_3 8,054 KB Oct 2014 Active
20_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5B_4 5,679 KB Oct 2014 Active
21_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5B_5 7,913 KB Oct 2014 Active
22_451101_Volwaterbaai Desalination Plant EIA Report_Oct2014_Appendix 5B_6-6A 2,228 KB Oct 2014 Active


Revised Coastal Waters Discharges Permit Application

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
1_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol1-Applicaton from-Appendix E_1 3,025 KB Oct 2014 Active
2_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol1-Appendix E_2 7,550 KB Oct 2014 Active
3_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol1-Appendix F-H 3,646 KB Oct 2014 Active
5_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol1-Appendix I_1 4,163 KB Oct 2014 Active
6_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol1-Appendix I_2 5,693 KB Oct 2014 Active
7_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol2_Appendix J_1 6,503 KB Oct 2014 Active
8_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol2_Appendix J_2 7,852 KB Oct 2014 Active
9_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol2_Appendix J_3 7,719 KB Oct 2014 Active
10_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol2_Appendix J_4 7,924 KB Oct 2014 Active
11_451101_Volwaterbaai_Revised CWDP Application_Oct2014_Vol2_Appendix J_5 5,829 KB Oct 2014 Active


Water Use Authorisation Technical Motivation Report

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
451101_Volwaterbaai_WUA Technical Motivation Report_Oct 2014_Appendix A_2 3,116 KB Oct 2014 Active
451101_Volwaterbaai_WUA Technical Motivation Report_Oct2014_Appendix A_3 7,444 KB Oct 2014 Active
451101_Volwaterbaai_WUA Technical Motivation Report_Oct2014_Appendix B 2,487 KB Oct 2014 Active
451101_Volwaterbaai_WUA Technical Motivation Report_Oct2014_Report and Appendix A_1 4,966 KB Oct 2014 Active


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