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Vegetation Management

SRK has a staff with unique experience in revegetation, fuels management and noxious weed control. Our staff can provide a variety of vegetation management services, including developing site specific seed mixes, determining proper seed application rates, preparing revegetation plans, developing fuels management plans, identifying noxious weed infestations, developing noxious weed control programmes, implementing noxious weed control and conducting post-treatment monitoring to evaluating vegetation response to treatments.

SRK specialises in revegetation of exploration disturbance, burned area revegetation and revegetation as a cultural means of noxious weed control. Fuels management is one method of controlling the size and effects of wildfires.

SRK has staff that is experienced in managing fuels through chemical and mechanical techniques to reduce fuel loading and enhance rangeland conditions. Noxious weeds have the potential to impact revegetation and fuels management programmes. SRK has an experienced staff that will conduct the noxious weed inventories, develop the appropriate integrated noxious weed control programme and implement the programme for effective results.

SRK also has the ability to monitor revegetation, fuels management and noxious weed treatments to determine if the objectives of the plans are being achieved. For revegetation programmes that involve bond release, SRK staff prepared documentation for submission to the regulatory agencies that have resulted in bond release/reduction.


  • Revegetation Plans;
  • Seed Mix Designs and Application Rates;
  • Seed Application;
  • Revegetation Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Fuel Inventories;
  • Fuel Management Plans;
  • Noxious Weed Inventories;
  • Noxious Weed Control Plans; and
  • Implementation of Noxious Weed Control Plans.
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