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Structure & Alteration

“SRK focuses on finding deposits within the deposit”

Ore, like Hansel & Grettel, always leaves a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ - the pathway to discovery. Structure and alteration, be they within-mine, near-mine or in greenfields exploration are the two most obvious and reliable ‘breadcrumbs’ in most mineralized systems. SRK’s approach to grade control and targeting at all scales, begins with understanding the 4D (space + time) structural setting, alteration and their relationships with/controls on mineral concentration.

The success of SRK Consulting’s structural and alteration geologists has resulted from a strong commercial orientation in locating ore in the system, as opposed to producing generic ore deposit models or broad non-specific frameworks. SRK Consulting provides in-house specialists who integrate structural geology, alteration mapping and geochemistry, employing them as practical tools for defining controls on mineralization. This ensures that mineralization targets are defined by more than one or two simple exploration or mining parameters, and are directly focused on adding value to the project.


  • Detailed structural analysis, from basin to ore deposit scale, emphasizing 4D (space + time) controls on mineralization
  • Detailed analysis of ore-related hydrothermal alteration to determine history of mineralization, fluid/wallrock interaction and fluid pathways
  • Regional scale geological mapping and modeling, with emphasis on placing mineralization within its ‘total geological setting’
  • Mapping of open pit and underground mines to improve ore definition and grade control
  • ‘Tailor-made’, on-site structural geology training courses with a focus on practical tools for the explorationist and mine geologist

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