Sappi Recovered Fibre Plant

Short Project Title: Sappi Recovered Fibre Plant
Project Title: 200BDTPD (Bone Dry Tonnes per Day) Repulper and Recovered Fibre Plant at Sappi Enstra Mill
Project Synopsis: Sappi intends to mothball their current pulp mill, which will make them totally reliant on bought-in pulp of various grades to ensure that sufficient pulp is supplied to the paper machines.
In order to meet the paper demands Sappi proposes to procure paper waste from local suppliers and to repulp it in order produce waste-grade recycled paper. This activity is required to keep the mill operational. By running waste based grades on the paper machines, the viability and profitability of the mill should improve significantly.
SRK Consulting was appointed by Sappi as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner to undertake the Waste License Application process, which is required in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, Act 59 of 2008 (NEMWA).

SRK Project Reference Number: 440990
Official DAEARD Reference Number: GDARD REFERENCE NO.: GAUT 002/11-12/W0019
Project Location: Springs, Gauteng
Status of the Project :

The Final Draft Basic Assessment Report is available for public comment until 6 September 2012.
The report may be downloaded from the links below and the complete Draft Basic Assessment Report document is available for viewing at:

Sappi Enstra Mill  East Geduld Road, Springs 011 360 0000

SRK Project Manager: Laetitia Coetser
Public Participation Facilitator: N/A
Contact Email:
Contact Number:  012 361 9821


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440990.2012.08.13.Final.Sappi BA Final Draft (CD).pdf 5,538KB 21 August 2012 Active


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440990.2012.02.07.Appendix E1.Site Notice.Final 33KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.04.25.Appendix E1.Site Notice.Final 49KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.02.07.Appendix E4.Sappi BID.Final 508KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.02.07.Appendix E4.Sappi BID.Final.updated 268KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.02.10.Appendix E4.Final.Letter.Sappi WLA Stakeholders 162KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.04.30.Appendix E4.Final.Letter.Sappi WLA Stakeholders 89KB 12 June 2012 Active
440990.2012.02.29.Appendix H.Final.Sappi Draft EMP 1,013KB 12 June 2012 Active
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