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Resources & Reserves

Our approach to resource and reserve estimation combines SRK Consulting’s strengths in structural and alteration geology with extensive mining operational experience. Resource models for exploration targeting, feasibility studies, operating mines and evaluations are based on a sound understanding of the underlying geological systems. Our geostatistical specialists can select and expertly apply the method most appropriate to your project resource and reserve evaluation, be it in the context of project geology, mining engineering or economics.

SRK has in-house expertise in Surpac, Vulcan, Whittle, Micromine, Datamine, Gemcom and Isatis operating systems.


  • Geology data management systems
  • Ore body modelling
  • Resource and reserve estimation
  • Ore characteristics and optimisation
  • Sampling and grade control
  • Set-up, technical review and audit of grade control systems
  • Expert advice on resource/reserve classification systems
  • Conditional simulation for risk analysis, product variability and grade control
  • Technical reviews and audits
  • Due diligence of resources and reserves
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