Nelson Mandela Bay flood alert: Disaster Management Unit on standby

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Water Management

Nelson Mandela Bay Municiplaity's disaster managment unit will focius on various flood-pron areas across the city as rainfall increases.

Mayer Mongameli Bobani said on Tuesday that disaster management officers will be on high alert “until the situation clears.

” Mayor Bobani was delighted by the rain. However, he added that the area is still under water restrictions, at least until dam levels improve. He added:

“Having said that, we are aware that due to the backlog in housing delivery, some of our residents still live in shacks and stressed areas. Heavy rain poses great risks to them – damage to their valuables and even the possible endangerment of lives.”

However, at the time of publishing, the municipality hasn’t received any alerts or incident reports. Residents who are affected in any way can contact the Disaster Management Centre on 0800 205 050.

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