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Municipalities struggle with water waste plans, raising disease risk

Andrew Caddick
Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Engineering News

The lack of Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMPs) at municipalities means that communities are increasingly exposed to the risk of diseases.

According to Andrew Caddick, principal environmental scientist at SRK Consulting, these plans are a legal requirement for district and local municipalities. "An IWMP at municipal level should be guided by the provinces strategic environmental priorities, which are in turn informed by the national Department of Environmental Affairs National Waste Management Strategy", said Andrew.

The frequent result is poorly managed landfills, uncontrolled dumping and inadequate maintenance of waste-related infrastructure.

Authors: Andrew Caddick (Principal Environmental Scientist)

Feature Author

Andrew Caddick


  • Environmental management and science extending from environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans, basic assessments, water use licence, stakeholder engagement, environmental compliance auditing, waste management/classification and GIS projects;
  • Compilation of quantum for financial provision, rehabilitation assessments, waste management plans and classifications for the mining environment.


Andrew Caddick has been involved in the field of environmental management for the past 11 years. His expertise includes:

  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Hydrology as well as the national water act as applied in environmental management;
  • Has extensive knowledge of current legislation as applied to environmental management and EIA’s including environmental audits;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Environmental specialist inputs towards concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Environmental compliance auditing;
  • Waste management plans and licenses;
  • Waste classification in terms of the national environmental management act (Act no. 59 of 2008);
  • Quantum for financial provision and rehabilitation in terms of the national environmental management act (Act No. 107 of 1998);
  • Closure and rehabilitation plans;
  • Water use license applications and audits;
  • Basic assessment reports;
  • Climate change and vulnerability assessments;
  • Section 24 G applications in terms of the National Environmental Management Act;
  • Risk assessments;
  • ISO 14001 document compilation and implementation;
  • Environmental management systems implementation including ISO 14001;
  • Project management and coordination, and stakeholder engagement in the mining and industrail sectors.
Principal Environmental Scientist
SRK Pretoria
SRK Africa