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"[It seems] to show his administration means to follow words with deeds"

Andrew van Zyl interviewed by Mining Journal
Friday, February 8, 2019
First presented:

A partner with the world’s leading mining consulting firm in South Africa has added to optimistic comments about a better working relationship between government and mining companies in the once great mining nation.

SRK partner and principal consultant Andrew van Zyl said this week South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa's keynote address at the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town appeared to go further than expected by some in the room.

"It was important that he conveyed this new thrust in person, giving it the gravity it needed," said van Zyl.

"At the same time, his address was given more impact by the background engagements between government and mining executives. These interactions seem to show that his administration means to follow words with deeds."

Ramaphosa's emphasis on greater collaboration between mining stakeholders found an enthusiastic ear at the Indaba, van Zyl said. He also called on local government and communities to be more involved in finding solutions.

"In pursuit of a more sustainable future for mining, there is probably general consensus among mining companies that the relationship with government does not need to be so adversarial," van Zyl said.



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