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Intergration integral to sustainability

Ismail Mahomed and Peter Shepherd interviewed by African Mining Brief
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
First presented: 
African Mining Brief
Water Management

For water management on a mine site to be successful, interventions at every level of the water management processes have to be integrated

Mining activities impact on hydrological and topographical conditions to a greater or minor degree depending on location, minerals mines, method of mining, as well as the layout of the mine. These impacts affect the quality and quantity of water resources. In order to mitigate the impacts on the water resources environmental laws and water license requirements govern the management of water resources at mining sites.

Thus, as one would expect, due to increasing concerns about water pollution and water scarcity, there is increasing pressure on mines to seek and implement sound water managment practices.

Understandably, more than ever, access to and management of water has become a higher sustainability risk, as the realioty of 'no water, no mining' becomes a reality. In view of the complexity of water usage on mine sites, where do mines start?

Acknowledged: African Miningf Brief


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