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GIS Enabled, Web-based TSF Surveillance Solution

Ansu Louw, Riaan van der Colf
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
First presented: 
SAIMM Tailings Storage Conference
Mine Waste

Tailings storage facilities play a significant role in containing a mine's primary waste stream. They are inherently a high-risk activity that an operation must manage post-construction. The ability to identify, predict and rectify issues relies on careful management and strict adherence to protocols and standards. Moreover, when a TSF fails, the social and environmental consequences can be appalling, leading to unwanted events including a collapse, contaminated water, waste or significant dust generation.

A study was undertaken to monitor a tailings storage facility (TSF) and address how TSFs can be monitored more efficiently with the use of digital technology. The study made use of ESRI’s mobile applications and online platform to enhance the accuracy of and access to TSF monitoring data. TSF monitoring is becoming a challenging industry, therefore the benefits continue to supersede the challenges by ensuring the existing data is easy to collect and easily accessible to parties.

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