Geared for West African upturn

John Kwofie (SRK Ghana) interviewed by African Mining
Friday, February 1, 2019
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Investing in Mining Indaba

As the economic mood in the global mining industry turns towards the better, SRK Consulting's Accra office in Ghana has been making inroads into new markets in Cote d'lvoire and Togo.

According to SRK Ghana country manager John Kwofie, there is potential for improved investor interest in Ghana itself, as the country's new government takes a more proactive approach to attracting investment. The new administration has stated itsintention of making Ghana the most businessfriendly country in Africa and has begun focusing on reducing the cost of electricity, making tax rates more attractive, and easing the process of registering a business.

"The plan is to create an environment in which businesses can flourish, by reducing corporation tax and attracting new investors," says Kwofie. "Household and corporate electricity tariffs have been decreasing, and the key economic indices are improving — so there is reason to be optimistic," Kwofie adds.

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