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Environmental trends | What the new year holds in store

D Kilian
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
First presented: 
Mining Review Africa
Mining companies in Africa can look forward to an increased focus on issues of social impact in environmental regulations in 2020 — and also more assertive enforcement by regulators and authorities.
Trends emerge to overcome challenges
Regulatory frameworks for environmental management in the mining sector have tended to be quite stable this year, with a few countries modifying their mining frameworks to futher enhance the positive social impact of mining operations. The overall message is clear. Governments are seeking better ways of making the most of mining's benefits when it comes to community development.
The trend to reduce negative impacts of mining also continues — including issues like resettlement and compensation. This trajectory is unsurprising. given the high risk ranking of mines‘ social licence to operate. Indeed, the moves by most African countries to codify social impact requirements in their mining codes or legislation are closely aligned to the best practice guidelines of global financial institutions. These are all positive steps towards a more sustainable future for the sector.
Acknowledged: Mining Review Africa

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Darryll Kilian


  • Integrated environmental management;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Environmental research;
  • Reporting and policy development.


Darryll Kilian has been involved in the field of environmental management, consulting and research work in Africa. His expertise includes:

  • Project performance monitoring and review;
  • Due diligence;
  • Environmental reporting;
  • Strategy and policy development;
  • Environmental and social research;
  • Environmental and social impact assessment;
  • Project performance monitoring and review;
  • Stakeholder engagement.
Partner | Principal Environmental Scientist | Consultant
SRK Johannesburg
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