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EIA's how to avoid risky delays

Nicola Rump interviewed by Eastern Cape Industrial Business News
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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Eastern Cape Industrial News_November 2018

WHILE the timeframes for business and industry to complete environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes may sound generous to some, in reality they are very tight –and represent a significant project risk if for any reason they are not met.

That’s according to Principal Environmental Consultant in the SRK Consulting’s Eastern Cape team, Nicola Rump, who added that there are very specific timeframes for EIAs and for Basic Assessment processes set by the 2014 EIA regulations – both for whole process and the interim steps within that process.

“These timeframes in fact allow very little time for reporting, and even less for accommodating changes to project design.”

The danger of exceeding these stipulations is that applications will lapse, forcing the applicant to re-apply and face the associated costs and project delays, she cautioned.

“In our experience, meeting these timeframes often requires a significant amount of work to be completed before an application is lodged, especially for large complex projects where the required studies may take up to 12 months or more to conduct.”

Acknowledged: Eastern Cape Industrial and Business News

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