Ventilation System Design For The Wassa Underground Mine

Brian Prosser, Keith Wallace
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
First presented: 
North American Mine Ventilation Symposium
Mine Ventilation

An Independent Electricity System Operator Industrial Accelerator Program (IESO IAP) case study was completed for a mine in Ontario, Canada by SRK Consulting, Inc. The purpose of the study was to analyze the ventilation system to determine whether and which system improvements could reduce the overall electrical power demand of the mine. Financial incentives are offered by the IESO IAP grant program to help cover the capital costs of these improvements. This study included the completion of a full mine ventilation survey as well as measurement of a full suite of electrical parameters of the surface and underground ventilation fans. After these measurements, a base ventilation model was created and established as the system baseline. Changes to the ventilation system were modeled, and their effects on the power demand were projected. The results of the study showed that several improvements were possible which may significantly improve the efficiency of the ventilation system and reduce mine electricity demand.

Feature Author

Brian Prosser

Mr. Prosser has over 20 years of experience in the design and planning of large underground ventilation systems, ventilation and air climatic surveys, network analysis, dust and gas control, and the development of network ventilation and fire models. He has experience overseeing numerous ventilation studies involving nuclear waste repositories, hard rock mines, and coal mines. Brian has performed ventilation studies, surveys, optimization and planning for mines located in North America, South America, Europe and Indonesia. Brian has been responsible for survey planning, coordination with third party consultants and vendors, business development and job estimating. He has also conducted ventilation short courses to expand the knowledge base of clientele.

Mine Ventilation Specialist
SRK Clovis
Keith Wallace
Mr. Wallace has over 30 years of underground ventilation experience. He manages a small team of engineers in the design and implementation of underground mine ventilation systems for mining and civil projects around the world. Worldwide there are less than five firms that specialize in only underground mine ventilation.
Mr. Wallace has been active in the ventilation community by serving on the executive committee of the Underground Ventilation Committee of the Society of Mining Engineers, publishing over 30 papers on various aspects of ventilation and was the editor of the 12th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium. He has been in involved with numerous ventilation studies at both metal/non-metal mines, coal mines and tunnel construction projects throughout the world. Mr. Wallace is also active in developing ventilation software and organizing and has conducted over 40 workshops on ventilation planning and design to mining professionals.
Mine Ventilation Specialist
MS Eng. Mineral Engineering, Underground Ventilation
SRK Clovis
SRK Africa