Environmental Design Criteria for Project Engineering

Simon Catchpole
Thursday, September 6, 2018
First presented: 
Argentina Mining 2018

Environment professionals and most environmental legislation see the project from the perspective of the environmental components, but designers and engineers see the project from the perspective of the installations and activities. This presentation shows an example of Environmental Design Criteria in three steps.


Feature Author

Simon Catchpole

Simon Catchpole is an environmental professional in the earth sciences, with a Master’s degree in Mining Geology and postgraduate diplomas in Environmental Engineering and Risk Management. He has a varied background in mineral deposit development, applied geosciences and environmental assessment and management. This experience has been acquired mainly in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe over the last three decades, in the earlier part of his career as a staff geologist in mining companies, then latterly as a staff environmental professional, and in environmental consulting work. His strengths are in technical management, with emphasis on conceptualising issues and developing strategies and plans to meet project objectives. 

Principal Consultant - Environmental
MSc in Mining Geology
SRK Mendoza
SRK Africa