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June 2016

Our press releases focus on specific areas of interest to earth resource professionals and clients. Each is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.



Some issues may still be available in print. If you are interested please email a request for the specific issue(s) you are interested in.

Name Description Date PDF File
Business Brief Green Business_01Jun16_p.26-p.34_DALC.pdf 01 June 2016
Cape Business News Energy innovations tp bring African prosperity_01Jun16_p.33-p.34_DIXR.pdf 01 June 2016
The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook, The_Contributors_01Jun16_p.12-p.14_JORP_BULH.pdf 01 June 2016
Mining Prospectus Mining Prospectus_All about energy_Power on mines_01Jun16_p.17-p.21_JORP_BULH.pdf 01 June 2016
Mining Mirror Mining in focus_Cleansing the countryside_01Jun16_p.20-p.23_KIRL_MAYR.pdf 01 June 2016
Mining Review Aureus Mining defers New Liberty debt repayment by another month_01Jun16b.pdf 01 June 2016
African Mining Sula Iron and Gold publishes IP survey results_01Jun16.pdf 01 June 2016
Civil Engineering River rehabilitation and management_01Jun16_p.27-p.29_BRAU_HINM.pdf 01 June 2016
The New Age Inside 1_Africa on brink of energy coup_08Jun16_p.16_DIXR.pdf 08 June 2016
Mining Weekly Mining Personality_Marcin Wertz_10Jun16_p.46.pdf 10 June 2016
Weslander DAFF proposes ADZ for Saldanha Bay_16Jun16_p.7_DUTJ.pdf 16 June 2016
Netwerk24_Weslander DAFF proposes ADZ for Saldanha Bay_20Jun16.pdf 20 June 2016
Mining Prospectus All about energy_23June16.pdf 23 June 2016
Crown Publications Electricity + Control July 2016_28Jun16.pdf 28 June 2016
Bizcommunity Sustainability lies at the heart of engineering science_29Jun16.pdf 29 June 2016
Engineering News Don't let gold’s Brexit rally go to waste – Dixon_30June16.pdf 30 June 2016
Mining Weekly Don't let gold’s Brexit rally go to waste – Dixon_30Jun16.pdf 30 June 2016 Golds's Brexit rally must not go to waste_30Jun16.pdf 30 June 2016
Polity Don't let gold’s Brexit rally go to waste – Dixon_30Jun16.pdf 30 June 2016


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