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July 2016

Our press releases focus on specific areas of interest to earth resource professionals and clients. Each is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.



Some issues may still be available in print. If you are interested please email a request for the specific issue(s) you are interested in.

Name Description Date PDF File
A sense of Africa Energy Innovations to bring prosperity to Africa_Jul16_DIXR.pdf July 2016
Edgemead News Chairmans Corner_01Jul16_p.2.pdf 01 July 2016
Edgemead News Edgemead Ratepayers Special General Meeting_01Jul16_p.1.pdf 01 July 2016
Mining Mirror Piping problems_01Jul16_p.33.pdf 01 July 2016
Mining and Minerals Product Review 'Green' for good-the effect of mining on the natural world_01Jul16_p.15-p.16_LANJ.pdf 01 July 2016
Inside Mining The cost of solar power_01Jul16_p.23_DIXR.pdf 01 July 2016
African Mining Roxgold proves second resource at Yaramoko_01Jul16_p.15.pdf 01 July 2016
Mining Decisions Renewable energy_Alternative thinking_01Jul16_p.38-p.42_DIXR.pdf 01 July 2016
Mining Review Africa Gold’s Brexit rally must not go to waste_01July16_DIXR.pdf 01 July 2016
Mining Mirror Roadmap for water use_01Jul16_p.39_BURJ.pdf 01 July 2016
SAIMM Journal In situ mining through leaching_01Jul16_p.689-p.698.pdf 01 July 2016
Inside Mining Market News from around the continent_Simplifying water use licenses_01Jul16_p.33-p.35_BURJ.pdf 01 July 2016
Government Digest Water_Savings SA's city streams_01Jul16_p.22_BRAU_HINM.pdf 01 July 2016
Modern Quarrying Roadmap for water use license compliance_01Jul16_p.7_BURJ.pdf 01 July 2016
Bizcommunity_Energy and Mining News Gold's Brexit rally must not go to waste_04Jul16_DIXR (1).pdf 04 July 2016 Gold's Brexit rally must not go to waste_04Jul16_DIXR.pdf 04 July 2016
Mining Weekly Bacanora moves headquarters to UK, advances Sonora DFS_07Jul16.pdf 07 July 2016
Engineering News People in camera_08Jul16_p.76.pdf 08 July 2016
Mining Weekly Dont let gold's Brexit rally go to waste-Dixon_08Jul16_p.8_DIXR.pdf 08 July 2016
Business Day, Insights Strong leadership is vital for next upturn_22Jul16_p.13_WERT_VANZ.pdf 22 July 2016
Engineering News Clearing environmental hurdles to power supply growth_29Jul16_p.44-p.45_KILI.pdf 29 July 2016


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