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February 2016

Our press releases focus on specific areas of interest to earth resource professionals and clients. Each is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.



Some issues may still be available in print. If you are interested please email a request for the specific issue(s) you are interested in.

Name Description Date PDF File
Modern Mining New book highlights the 40-year history of SRK_01Feb16_p.3.pdf 01 February 2016
Modern Mining Turner and Townsend contributes to rehabilitation project_01Feb16_p.5.pdf 01 February 2016
Noseweek Scamming for gold_01Feb16_p.14-p.16_Part 1-3.pdf 01 February 2016
Mining Prospectus Waiting for upturn will be too late_01Feb16_p.19-p.20_Part 1 and 2_DIXR_VANZ.pdf 01 February 2016
African Mining Mines will have to water down_01Feb16_p.1_SHEP.pdf 01 February 2016
Skyways_Focus_Mining Indaba Play it by ear_01Feb16_p.36 - p.37_Part 1 and 2_DIXR.pdf 01 February 2016
Star Workplace Moving up in the world_03Feb16_p.7_HOWG.pdf 03 February 2016
Pretoria News, Workplace Moving up in the world_03Feb16_p.3_HOWG.pdf 03 February 2016
Saturday Weekend Argus, Workplace Who's where_06Feb16_p.1_HOWG.pdf 06 February 2016
Cape Argus (AM Edition)  Mining Indaba set to boost local coffers_08Feb16_p.11_VANZ.pdf 08 February 2016
Engineering News PEOPLE_19Feb16_p.60_HOWG_JOUW_WERT_MEIN.pdf 9 February  2016
Star, Workplace Moving up in the world_10Feb16_p.7_MEIN_JOUW_WERT.pdf 10 February 2016
Mining Weekly Diamond conference returns to Botswana_19Feb16_p.36-P.41_Part 1 and 2_OLID_WERT.pdf 19 February 2016
Financial Mail_Mine Rehabilitation SA's deadly legacy_25Feb16_p.14_MAYR.pdf 25 February 2016
African Mining Sula Iron & Gold records loss for the year_29Feb16.pdf 29 February 2016


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