Susa Maleba

Mining Engineer
SRK Lubumbashi
2056 Lukonzolwa Avenue Quartier Golf Lubumbashi Congo (DRC)
+243 81 999 9775
+243 81 870 1753


  • Mining design;
  • Mining ventilation;
  • Mine planning.


Susa Maleba has been involved in the field of mining engineering for the past 10 years. His expertise includes:

  • Underground mine design; lay-out and scheduling (Mine 2-4D and EPS);
  • Mine ventilation and refrigeration;
  • Open pit optimization (NPV-Scheduler);
  • Feasibility studies on open pit operations;
  • Open pit design (Mine 2-4D);
  • Open pit production scheduling (NPV-Scheduler and EPS);
  • Mine environmental control and occupational hygiene;
  • Project management.
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