Mbombela Climate Policy

Short Project Title: Mbombela Climate Policy
Project Title: Development of a Climate Change Response Policy, Strategy and Implementation Plan for Mbombela Local Municipality, Mpumalanga Province
Project Synopsis: Mbombela Local Municipality (MLM) has indicated its intention to move towards becoming a green city and investing in the green economy. Part of this process is to develop a climate change mitigation and adaptation vision which is supported by a policy, strategy and implementation plan. The development of a comprehensive policy and strategy for MLM will enable the Municipality (councilors and officials), business (e.g. agriculture, industry, tourism etc.) and civil society to effectively respond to climate change pressures, risks and opportunities. The intention of the policy and strategy is to stimulate and facilitate green investments and provide guidance on future development within the Municipality.
SRK Project Reference Number: 480102
Project Location: Mbombela Local Municipality within the Ehlanzeni District of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.
Status of Project: The first round of workshops has been completed and the draft policy document is being compiled. The second round of workshops are scheduled for early November 2015.
SRK Project Manager: Warrick Stewart
Contact Email: vbraham@srk.co.za
Contact Number: +27 (0) 11 4411047


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 480102 MLM Climate Change Policy - Minutes from Policy Workshop 5 Novemb...  46 KB  Dec 2015    
 480102_MLM_Climate Change Policy_Final Draft 14December2015  475 KB  Dec 2015    
 Instructions for Dropbox link - Download presentations  15 KB  Sep 2015    
 MLM Climate Change Workshop 2 - Part 1  5 294 KB  Dec 2015    
 MLM Climate Change Workshop 2 - Part 2  1 430 KB  Dec 2015    
 MLM Climate Change Workshop 2 - Part 3  5 728 KB  Dec 2015    
 MLM Climate Change Workshop 2 - Part 4  5 237 KB  Dec 2015    


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