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March 2014

rOur press releases focus on specific areas of interest to earth resource professionals and clients. Each is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.



Some issues may still be available in print. If you are interested please email a request for the specific issue(s) you are interested in.

Name Description Date PDF File
BLUE CHIP Hopeful signs from Indaba_1 Mar 2014_p.14,16.pdf 01 Mar 2014
MINING WEEKLY Kenyan heavy minerals project set for success_14 Mar 2014_p.50.pdf 14 Mar 2014
AFRICAN MINING Slow but steady_1 Mar 2014_p.39-43.pdf 01 Mar 2014
BURGER (Oos Kaap), Saterdag Grondwater moet beter bestuur word_22 Mar 2014_p.6.pdf 22 Mar 2014
MINING WEEKLY Long-term Future_28 Mar 2014_p.14.pdf 28 Mar 2014
MODERN MINING Geologist joins SRK's Accra office_1 Mar 2014_p.13.pdf 01 Mar 2014
QUARRY SOUTHERN AFRICA Surface mining and impacts of climate change_1 Mar 2014_p.22-25.pdf 01 Mar 2014
SA MINING One chance to get it right at Waterberg_1 Mar 2014_p.28.pdf 01 Mar 2014
STAR, Workplace Eric Owusu Acheampong_12 Mar 2014_p.7.pdf 12 Mar 2014
WATER SEWAGE AND EFFLUENT Engineering consultancy attracts scientists_1 Mar 2014_p.27.pdf 01 Mar 2014


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